....there will be blood.

Bréf sent til scanidnavískra ráđamanna í gćrkvöld. Rćttist ađeins hálfum sólarhring síđar!

Dear Sir /madam

My name is Jon Pall Vilhelmsson. I'm a photographer in Iceland.

I have worked for international brands like Fossil Watches and Giorgio Armani just to name a couple.

I lay my artist reputation on the line!

The Icelandic government is corrupt. However I don't blame the individuals.
I hope for their own sake that their intentions were good.
"The road to hell is paved with good intention" An old proverb.

Unfortunately the system is rotten to the bone. It's at the mercy of lobbyism and greed of a
handful of businessmen. Please do not listen to the lies. The truth cannot be found in the Icelandic media.
It won't be found in governmental reports either, even though their covers are decorated with the trustworthiest of emblems.

I have friends in many countries and they tell me that there is more accurate account of the situation to be found
in foreign media than the local media. It's own by the same people who turned our nation upside down.
The governmentally run media doesn't tell the truth either.

The government is blinded by the brilliance of the ivory tower.
They can't hear the people roaring from below. They treat us with silence and arrogance.

Here is the truth! They hold a majority on the parliament but the government doesn't have a
majority support of its citizen. Far from it!

The people of Iceland want and need new elections. We need capable people to guide us
through these murky waters. A new government must have the support of it's public
to restore faith in our society.

This is the most profound praise. All we ask of is democracy.
How can we be wrong in wanting democracy to prevail?
Why does the reigning government rebuke our efforts to exercise our right?

My point is this:

You can help restore democracy in Iceland by not supporting the Icelandic government.
The details are so complex that no man can explain them. The conclusion is simple.
Please do not give the government any more loans. Thus they will fail and democracy can be restored.

The situation is dire. The sands of time are running low. Our patience is eroding away.

We are at the brink of horrific times.

I hope the best.
I fear the worst.
Before the end ....

....there will be blood.

Sincerely yours

Jon Pall Vilhelmsson

(354) 848 9870
---> www.jonpall.com <---

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